Ever wondered how live casinos work?

The world has witnessed a rapid shift when considering technological marvels. It has evolved from simple medium to fairly elaborate tool in terms of exceptional audio quality, high-end graphics, and a finer visual treat. Catching up these technologies can play a vital role in any form and casinos are none other exception to undergo technological evolution.

Most of the online casinos now offer live casinos. Live casino represents a type of online casino that can be streamed from the comfort of your homes or any workplace on a phone, PC, and tablets. This provides access to place bets, and gamble real money against a live dealer. Players can enjoy a decent payback percentage and RTP as that of land-based casinos while interacting with a live dealer via the live chat feature.

Ever wondered how live casinos work?

The operation of live casinos

Live casinos function electronically and through modern technology and gaming software. Software providers offer live casino games from sophisticated game studios with excellent gameplay features and graphics.

The experience may seemingly vary with respect to live dealers. So it is their responsibility to undergo stringent training to learn the current laws and rules of casino games. Engaging players during the game is also equally required for a dealer to provide the necessary vibe. The dealers in live casino tables are captured by supreme quality cameras while playing the game in real-time. They provide different views of the game and support constant live streaming. During the play, dealers monitor whether the players follow the bets made and answer all their queries instantly.

The physical transactions made by dealers are converted to data by the usage of software called Optical Character Recognition(OPR). This technology is highly supportive in declaring unbiased results of the game that may be either win or lose. The live casino incorporates infrastructure, staff, and the latest technology to provide a realistic gaming experience.

Live casino game stages

Depending on the game chosen, the stages in live casino games vary. If it is a Roulette game, then the dealer will be filmed and the software used by casinos will transform the image to be in accordance with the live stream and the interactive game environment. This data can be accessed by players in the game.

Players can place their bets and the dealer will ask some additional information. The placed bets are processed by the casino software. No more bets announcements are made in order to deactivate betting mode. Then the dealer spins the wheel and the results are captured instantly by the cameras.

Live casino providers

The proper assemblage of live casino infrastructure requires a huge sum of money. Therefore, there are only a few providers available with the most popular being Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and Playtech. Evolution Gaming is highly lauded due to the availability of a wide range of games including Poker, Roulette, Blackjack, Sic bo and many more. Most of the contemporary online casinos offer live games from Evolution Gaming but some casinos may offer different collections of games. Reading reviews of live casinos is highly recommended to find appropriate casinos that suit your fondness. Your favorite games can be found online with some bonus offers too. So, watch out!


Live casinos and live dealer games are highly enjoyable due to the presence of fun factor which enables interactive live session environment. This can be one of the better ways to experience a real casino environment from the comfort of your homes


Name: Ever wondered how live casinos work?
Author: Maurice Nagle
Published Date: 14/10/2019