How Did Gambling In New Jersey Originate

The gambling world becomes inseparable from the land of New Jersey as it has always been the primary entertainment for players. The city adorned with a plentiful amount of casinos can possibly drag the fascinating gaming crowds in and out of the city.

The arrival of casinos further complements the alluring coastal land of New Jersey which paved the way for revamping the city’s nightlife. The establishment of the first state lottery helped in raising funds for education in the state and many schools were also constructed from the lottery funds.

How Did Gambling In New Jersey Originate

The advent of earlier casinos

New Jersey became the second state to authorize gambling back in 1976. The first casino was opened in the year of 1978 and was intended mainly for raising funds to serve elderly and disabled people. The Resorts International Casino created history by being the first casino to operate in New Jersey. Most of the casinos established after the advent of the Resorts that were largely found in Atlantic City.

The act of gambling was legalized mainly due to the fact that the city failed to attract visitors and facing a huge problem in operating hotels. Even the Resorts International Casino was originally built as Chalfonte-Hilton hotel and then converted to a casino. Many of the well-acclaimed hotels in the city were revitalized into casinos.

Casinos shining past in New Jersey

The state of New Jersey has found behind the state of Nevada as it had legalized gambling well before New Jersey. But during the 1970s and 1980s, New Jersey has certainly gone ahead of Nevada in terms of high crime rate and huge commitment to organized crime in the gambling world.

Most of the fights performed by Mike Tyson happening in the city of New Jersey also bolstered the popularity of the city as a tourist spot. To position itself as a casino destination, the city has undergone many tough times that occurred from legalizing other states. However, the city houses the best casino games and is planning to increase the number of casinos in the future.

Revenue escalation

The city began to bustle with tourists and locals once they realized the true nature of the city. The revenues even crossed billion and profits continued to rise every year. Therefore, the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority was created to enable public improvements and housing.

Despite all the glorious reputation, Atlantis Casino Hotel became the first one to close in 1989 due to bankruptcy. Some of the other casinos have faced similar sorts of difficulties but that does not hinder the fame and alluring beauty of Atlantic City. Billions of dollars would be spent in order to benefit the state.

The city had molded itself to embrace all forms of entertainment over this time. The various entertainment included a high famed singer performing and on the other side and people witness huge boxing encounters.

The future of gambling in New Jersey

The future of gambling in New Jersey can be found sparkling. There are a huge number of casinos to come by to increase the revenue as well as enticing tourists. In a while, MGM Mirage Board has approved plans to build the MGM Grand Atlantic City on 60 acres of land near Borgata Casino.

The project named City Center East consists of 3000 rooms and a casino space of 5,00,000 sq.ft is to become the largest casino space in the state. A wide range of 5000 slot machines, 200 table games, poker room can be found in the casino space.


The history, appeal and large casino space in the city can still excite the huge number of gamblers around the world. Despite facing tough times due to increased competition, New Jersey has retained the original vibrancy and splendid history of the city.


Name: How Did Gambling In New Jersey Originate
Author: Maurice Nagle
Published Date: 14/10/2019