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Casinos have come a long way from a solely land operated casinos to the highly interactive and accessible live casinos. Live casinos are, in a way, the representation of what a good mixture of technology and casino games can do. If someone, a couple of decades back, would have said that people will be playing casino games at the comfort of their homes now, he would have been considered to be mad. But thanks to the advancement in technology.

Live casino online is any casino that lets us play a casino game in real-time when the game is actually being conducted somewhere on the planet. This is all done with the help of high-speed internet and live dealers. However, live casinos were not the first product of the internet and casinos. The first product that came into existence in the late 90s, a few years after the invention of internet, was the online casino. Online casinos are casinos that allow the player to enjoy casino games on a device that supports internet connection and has the option to access these casinos, like a PC or a mobile.

NJ Casino Toplist

Although these casinos were on a roll in the internet generation, serious casino-goers felt the lack of interactiveness and hence live casinos were invented.

Although the aura of a brick-and-mortar casino cannot be matched and the fact that the parent of live casinos is online casinos can never change, there are several factors that make a live casino distinct. Take a look!

What makes live casino distinct?

Live casinos are the advanced form of an online casino and a land-based casino blended together. Hence, the idea itself of a live casino was incepted in order to bring the best of both worlds. We shall now look at the specialities of a live casino.

  • Live dealer

Live casinos also have another name, live dealer casinos. The reason they are called so is that these casinos have real dealers that are appointed for your game conduction. The live casino game is conducted at a live casino studio and a professional dealer, just like the land casinos, is appointed to conduct the game. The benefit of playing at a live casino is that the player also gets to choose his favorite live table game along with the dealer he wants to be appointed for his game. The live casino also gives the players the privilege to enjoy the perks of having their own preferred dealer at the table. Having your chosen live dealer means that you might be more immersed in the game due to the interest your live dealer generates on-screen.

  • Live chat

Live chat is the feature that lets you converse with your live dealer in real-time. You can ask about the game, learn the game and sometimes even make requests. However, a player should never devalue his etiquettes towards the live dealer. No matter where the person is, online or offline, maintaining good behavior allows you and the person in front to have a smooth and happy gaming experience.

Did we tell you that through this live chat feature you can also chat with your fellow players at the table? Yes, live chatting with the live dealer and players lets you have a comfortable gaming experience if used properly by maintaining the etiquette of a good casino player.

  • Live streaming

The doubt that rises in a player’s mind while playing in online casinos is that how does he know that the games are being conducted fairly? This is a problem that the live casinos have successfully sorted out. Any live game at a live casino is conducted under the surveillance of multiple cameras that are streamed live to your device’s screen. This allows you to keep a careful watch on the authenticity of the game conduction. The streaming is also done in HD quality so that the player can observe the fairness of the game with great details.

  • Bonus and promotions

Live casinos are the best place on earth to find amazing bonuses and promotions. The live casinos always seek more and more players and hence, they end up providing attractive bonuses to the new players. They also provide periodic bonuses and if you are lucky enough, you may get a cashback for your deposit. Coming to the deposits, there are a variety of live casinos you can try on and one variety among them is the no deposit casino bonus.  This means that the live casino will provide you with a bonus without asking you to make a minimum deposit. Now that is what can excite you, isn’t it?

Why should you choose a live casino from our top list?

As the name suggests, the top list of live casinos on our site presents you with the best live casinos you can play in the state of New Jersey. Why do we call them the best? How do we evaluate? From the license, information security and payment methods to the customer support and platforms supported(mobile or PC), all these factors decide if the casino is good enough for our reader to enroll with.

However, there are other factors as well, like a live casino that offers games from the top game providers like NetEnt, Evolution Gaming or IGT is an assurance that the player will have a satisfying experience through the gameplay. These providers showcase a plethora of game variants of the classic casino games. For example, VIP Blackjack is a game variant of the popular card game ‘Blackjack’. The game is developed by Evolution Gaming and is one of a kind experience. Hence, the best live casinos will have this game in their game lists.

NJ Casino Toplist

Live casinos are successful in keeping you away from tedious journeying to a land-based casino and provides you with spectacular real-time gaming experience instantly. Enroll yourself in the best NJ live casino from our top list today!