Sports betting fever in NJ and other states is spreading like never before!

Sports betting has wholly conquered the business landscape in New Jersey after reversing the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act(PASPA) in 2018. Only Nevada and the other three states held the privilege to perform sports betting legally before this declaration. So, players in the remaining states had to depend on proxies, local bookmakers, or offshore gambling operators.

The present context of sports betting in NJ

The states such as Nevada, Delaware, Mississippi, New Jersey, West Virginia, New Mexico, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Arkansas, New York, Iowa, Oregon, and Indiana have now officially legalized sports betting to full-scale including wagers on the outcomes of individual games. The five states namely Tennessee, Montana, Illinois, North Carolina, Washington, DC have already passed the necessary legislation process and are waiting for delivering full-scale sports betting at any time sooner. Anyhow, people are going crazy on sports betting since the repeal of PASPA across the US.

2019 NFL season set to attract a wider sports betting audience

The recent survey conducted by Money Consult Online with the aid of the American Gaming Association includes 11,000 adults from different states placing their views on sports betting. The research thoroughly indicates that more than 38 million Americans and 1.6 million NJ inhabitants are possessing a strong interest in placing sports wagers during this season of NFL. These numbers would be still ascending if sports betting was legalized in other states as well. The statistics from a different source reveals that 9 million Americans agree that they would place bets at a retail casino sportsbook.

Ensuring safety and feasibility in sports betting

The way in which the Americans are adopting sports betting is most promising to everyone involved in the industry. But actualizing the preventive measures can be highly useful as the market continues to foster.

The president and CEO of the American Gambling Association, Bill Miller clearly assures that the Americans can wager on football in a safe and well-protected manner like never before during this NFL season. The jurisdictions are formulated in a way to provide a legal gaming environment where players can follow lawsuits and enjoy the protection instead of choosing the illegal gambling platform. The focus of the sports industry should be to ensure safety and feasibility in all respects.

Players ready for action

More than 80% of sports betting in NJ takes place via online and mobile sportsbooks. From the Boardwalk to the Marina, all nine Atlantic City sportsbooks are packed with players ready for action owing to the commencement of NFL season. The players include not only the seasoned bettors but also some newcomers.

Sports betting remains soaring

Atlantic City sportsbook manager revealed that he had never seen so many first time bettors going frenzy at sports betting which includes $10 and $20 bets. Casino floors tend to overflow with crowds due to the popularity of sports betting. The statistics will continue to ascend in the future as the players are in the world of unbound excitement.