Placing A Sports Bet From Your Smartphone: Here Are The Steps

Smartphones have positioned itself so strongly in the technological evolution which enables players to place bets on their favorite sports events at any time possible. Experienced and seasoned bettors are wary of handling sports betting sites effectively. But these processes can be highly confusing initially for beginner bettors. Therefore, devising some plans beforehand is duly required to play this with ease.

Placing A Sports Bet From Your Smartphone: Here Are The Steps

Choosing an able sports betting site

It is important to choose a credible sports betting site as there are many sites already being crowded in the sports betting platform. The site can be chosen based on factors such as compatibility, trustworthiness, bonuses, competitive betting lines, a broad selection of sports, convenience, banking methods, and customer service. In order to help you understand better, all aspects of the sports betting site are explained step by step. Each and every online sportsbook will have different mobile betting platforms. So, beware and choose wisely!

Signing up process

For any first time user, creating an account with the sports betting site is mandatory. This process is rather simple as it involves filling out some important information. The details required to create an account may be name, address, date of birth, phone number, and password. Once the account is ready, you can verify the details via email. Finally, you can get started after you have completed the verification process as put forth by the casino, you can deposit the funds and start your gaming adventure instantly.

Claiming bonuses

The list of bonuses available can be found in the promotions section. Specifically, check out for the welcome bonus. Always pay attention to terms and conditions before selecting the bonus offers. Once the bonuses are availed, deposit some real funds and proceed to the sportsbook section.

Sportsbook section

A few options can be made to place your first wager. You can choose from the sports and events listed in the ‘Most Popular’ section, you can click one of the sports images found above Most Popular section, or you can click on the sports section directly from the site. These varieties of options can be made during the beginning of the game.

Selecting a sport to wager

For instance, if the game of football is chosen, then, the site will take you to a page to choose from NFL, NCAA, and CFL. You may then click on NFL to follow the proceedings.

Choosing the type of bets is highly necessary and that can be given as Spreads, Money Lines, and Game Totals. After selecting the appropriate bet type, you can find access to all week 1 bets. The games will be shown by date, time, and Spread lines as there is only a minimum space available on a small screen. NFL spreads are wagers placed on the points a team has to lose or win. Choose Money line if necessary which represents the odds for each team’s chance at winning. The last option from the straight bets is Game Totals that represents how many points the two teams will combine to score in a game.

Placing wagers

Wagers can be placed accordingly with different games available. Place your wagers if the Moneyline and other options are suitable for your budget. By using the welcome bonus offers, this wager can also be placed using Free Play Balance. Click on ‘Place my bet’ after you have decided either to use free balance or deposited funds.


The steps that are discussed in this article can be highly useful if you are a novice mobile bettor. Understanding how to place wagers can really help you in the game moves that involve fairly complex steps.


Name: Placing A Sports Bet From Your Smartphone: Here Are The Steps
Author: Maurice Nagle
Published Date: 14/10/2019